A Wooden Beauty by Kaplan Architects


This beautiful home is located on a wooded lot on the San Francisco Peninsula. The architecture agency Kaplan Architects was asked to remodel the home and update the interior.

The new kitchen was designed to be opened to the main living areas so that the activity of cooking could be integrated into the social activity. That’s why we find a beautiful white sofa next to the kitchen – which is perfect for guests.

What I really like about this kitchen is the combination of materials. The cabinets are made of gorgeous wood and the stainless steel appliances add a bit of contrast. And the pull down faucet matches perfectly.

But probably my favorite element in this room are the big windows. It must be great to be able to cook with such an amazing view. During the summer, the outside terrace can even be used for small parties and get-togethers.

Don’t forget to visit the website of Kaplan Architects for more interior inspiration!

kitchen by kaplan architects