Nano Garden Concept by Hyundai

nano garden concept by hyundai

You might know Hyundai as a car brand, but the company also has a very creative Engineering department that designs other products as well. With their Nano Garden Concept, Hyundai won the 2010 Fast Company Idea Awards in the category commercial and industrial products.

grow vegetables in your own kitchen with the nano garden concept

The idea behind this innovative concept is simple; what if you could grow vegetables in your own kitchen?

The Nano Garden is an indoor garden made of glass. It’s a controlled environment that’s perfect to grow vegetables, herbs and even flowers. There’s an built-in light and watering system that controls the interior conditions. The machine lets users know when to provide water and other nutrients.

Because it’s no larger than a standard fridge, it fits in every kitchen. Additionally, it acts as a natural air purifier for your home. This means that the Nano Garden can help prevent unwanted odors. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

hyundai nano garden

Unfortunately, the Nano Garden is only a concept at the moment. I do believe that we can see similar machines in the future. As agricultural land becomes scarcer, we need to look for alternatives. The Nano Garden could partially solve this problem. Besides – what’s better than eating your own freshly picked vegetables and herbs?